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Life Begins at the Center

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Enhancing - Strengthening - Changing Lives for Students & Families

For over 50 years, through careful and deliberate growth, Center Point has become Gainesville and Hall County's most successful and diverse student-and-family-centered nonprofit. From mentoring and education to prevention and counseling, Center Point's coordinated support services for youth and families revolve around strengthening the inner core of our children - their heart and soul - by setting a positive course in life.

Working on the front lines of local schools, Center Point is reaching young people at their most vulnerable point in life. It is a critical time as they begin forming the essence of their individual character, values and ethics.

Support for Center Point's work comes primarily from private funding providing the resources needed to address the most critical challenges for the youth and families we have the opportunity to serve.

Life truly does begin at the Center making Center Point a unique and vital community partner for the city of Gainesville and Hall County.

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