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$15,528 towards $25,000

“Jesus loves me this I know….” sang my five-year-old heart when my mom stood me up in front of our little country church for the first time. According to her, I invited the congregation to sing with me. Little did I know I was living out the true calling on my life. After nearly twenty years of teaching in Gainesville, I returned to asking people to sing with me again as a worship leader at Gainesville First United Methodist Church. I love to perform - from singing, to playing piano, guitar, and terrible banjo, to acting in community theater. Dancing is a new challenge for me, as is fund-raising, but with a song in my heart, a dance in my feet and the encouragement of my treasured friends and my dear fellers (Mark, Boone, and Pete) I will meet the challenge with the same love that told me to ask everyone to sing with me. So…….Dance With Me!