Art Gallegos, Jr.

Art Gallegos, Jr.'s Fundraiser



$25 towards $25,000

I am originally from San Diego, California and am the 12th child of Enriqueta and Arturo Gallegos, Sr. As a pastor, my dad instilled in me at a young age the importance of community involvement. After living in California for about 25 years, I moved to Gainesville, where I have enjoyed being a community leader, activist, public speaker, and active member of my church and other organizations. I currently work for Avita Community Partners while also campaigning to help the unhoused obtain food, clothes, and footwear. I am the proud father of Danielle and Nate Gallegos and am also proud to have been named one of the most influential Latino/Hispanic voices in the State of Georgia. A quote that I live by is “I love what I do, and I do what I love.” Dancing this year lets me do two things I love – dance and give back to our amazing community. Vote for me and let’s help these amazing organizations do what they love – serve our community so well!